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 ‘LOVEFULNESS is what I hope you will find in yourself…being fully in love with yourself, or on the path towards it.


I do not see self-love as a destination to arrive at, but as a journey to undertake. For some of you, this word might feel overwhelming as your life circumstances have made you think you do not deserve it, or it is just impossible for you to achieve. But you have ended up here, searching for healing, so you are already on the journey without even realising. Even a small step towards self-love can bring you joy and make your life blossom.    


I bring my knowledge, experiences, and love as I work with you to become the best version of yourself.

About me
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Hi, I am Francesca!

I came from a place of profound suffering… I was my worst enemy. I was living in a constant ‘fight and flight’ mode, engaging in self-destructive behaviours to find a short-term break from my pain. But thankfully the life force that we all possess saved me from hitting rock bottom

When I left my toxic surroundings in search of healing, I was led on a journey around the world that completely transformed my life. By honouring my deepest heart desires, facing my fears and insecurities, looking at my shadows, and healing deep-rooted trauma, I have gained my power back. One step at a time, I managed to transform that profound self-hatred into pure SELF-LOVE.

I honour the suffering I went through as it gives me the wisdom and passion for serving others that may be in a similar process. My purpose is to help you deeply connect with your beautiful inner and true selves which are often repressed by the conditioning of your past and present. My biggest desire is for you to have a happy and fulfilled life.


During my time travelling around the world, I have been particularly fascinated by oriental wisdom which I now integrate with more traditional western approaches.

In the last ten years, I have been gaining a vast range of experience within charities, primary and secondary care. I worked as Occupational Therapist Assistant within NHS supporting patients with severe mental health challenges. Subsequently, I was a Domestic Violence Advocate providing emotional and practical support to victims of domestic violence. Lately, I worked within the NHS as a Health and Wellbeing Coach helping clients achieve meaningful goals that led them to a happier and healthier life.


I am now a Counsellor, Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and Mindfulness & Breathwork Facilitator for 1:1 and groups.



BSc Psychology   

          (London Metropolitan University)

PGDip Counselling and Psychotherapy 

          (University of East London)

Health and Wellbeing Coach   

         (PC HEALTH, London)

Mindfulness Teacher   

        (Mindfulness Now, London)

De-armouring facilitator

      (Sunny Ju)

Pranayama and Breathwork Coach   

        (Lauren Roure, London)

Holistic Yoga Teacher and Osho Meditation Facilitator   

        (Yoga Essence, India)

Reiki Level 2   

       (Reiki Academy, London)

Aromatherapy and Naturopathy foundation   

       (HolisticMap, Italy)



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