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  • 6 hr
  • 550 British pounds
  • Ibiza

Service Description

‘Yoni’ in Sanskrit means ‘sacred space’. It includes the womb, genitals, and the entire female reproductive system. Our yonis are fundamental to our experience of femininity as it is the primary storehouse for our feminine energy, eroticism, and deepest intuition. According to the Tantric wisdom, the yoni has an opposite polarity than the lingam (penis) which is the masculine, active energy that ‘penetrates’ the world. Instead, the Yoni is internal and receives the energy. It is a highly receptive space. It can absorb and store experiences, especially those related to our femininity and sexuality. Sometimes we forget how powerful is to be ‘penetrated’ by masculine energy. When this energy is toxic and careless it can create energetic trauma in our sacred womb. Unfortunately, many women disconnect from their yoni’s sacral power as we often engage in random, unfulfilling sex pushed by needs of validation or some kind of physical pleasure. This kind of sex feeds the ego and leaves us feeling empty and disconnected. We lose the connection to our yoni and the power of our sexual energy. Also, in our womb sits our sacral chakra- the center of our life force, creativity, and sexual pleasure. From a more psychological perspective, here sits our inner child, the attachment towards others, and the ability to emotionally regulate. When this is out of balance (and for many women is) we feel emotionally unstable, more inclined to co-dependency, with too low/too high sexual appetite, lack creativity, and have an addiction to sensory pleasure. By healing and de-armouring your sacred womb, you will restore the connection with your yoni and with a healthy sexual and feminine energy. It will boost your ability to ’create’ increasing your fertility and creativity. You will feel more in control of your own emotions and able to own your power in a healthy and loving way. It will also improve how you relate to others and the attachment you have towards important others. WOMB HEALING includes: 3 x counselling sessions Womb energy healing – (session includes Reiki, crystal healing, and sound healing) 2 x bio-energetic breathwork to unblock 1st and 2nd chakra Yoni egg ritual- (includes one yoni egg, meditation recording & guide) Extra: meditation recordings for your own home practice Price: £550- 640 euro

Contact Details

  • Ibiza, Spain

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