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  • 1 h
  • 70 British pounds
  • Face-to-face or online

Service Description

What would you say if I told you that you could achieve everything you wanted to in your life? You have the power and the resources to accomplish any of your desired goals. Your only limit is your mind! This has been conditioned throughout your life and now you are holding limiting self-beliefs that are stopping you from having the life you desire and deserve. I deeply believe in your willpower, a flame that when properly burning can drive you in any direction you want to go. Unfortunately, limiting self-beliefs, conditioning, trauma, unhelpful habits, failures might have affected your motivation and trust in yourself. But the more you hear yourself (or others!) saying ‘I cannot do it’, the more you will reinforce this belief and won’t take action. It is a vicious cycle! So, let’s take the first step together. During our session/s, we explore what is meaningful for you at this time of your life and get more clarity on your goal/s and purpose. We explore and unpack what is holding you back and challenge some of these beliefs that are limiting you. We get to the root of the issue and discover better strategies for moving forwards. Every session we set some action steps until we will get closer and closer to your goal/s. The path towards your desires might seem overwhelming at the beginning or be full of obstacles but we will work as a team to find the best strategies to overcome those. I will support you to build the future you truly want. Expect to be exposed to tools that I integrate from different psychological, coaching, and holistic modalities such as cognitive-behavioural techniques, meditations, mindfulness, breathwork, embodied psychotherapy, and more. I will help you: - Find clarity on what is that you really want and need in your life and make steps toward your desires - Find strategies that help you overcome self-sabotage and procrastination - Unlock the answer within yourself - Increase self-trust, self-confidence, and mental resilience - Learn to overcome doubt and develop trust in yourself - Create a structured plan to help you to stay committed, follow through, and accomplish your goal - Become less distracted by thoughts and find more effective ways to relax - Control your thoughts instead of letting them control you - Identify blind spots, recognise stuck patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back - Be more in your body instead of the mind and get more access to your intuition Special plans available- check it out!

Contact Details

00447831443407/ 0034607193477

Ibiza, Spain

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