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  • 1 h 30 min
  • 85 British pounds
  • The Hub- Ibiza

Service Description

This journey will allow your body to release tension, repressed emotions, and traumas that are blocking you from living the life that you want and allow your beautiful self to shine. We will be moving through different layers, releasing through your energetic, physical, mental, and emotional body. We start by releasing energetic blockage from your energetic body using Reiki and sound healing. It will help you to release and soothe emotions that you are carrying from your here and now. We will move deeper with the releasing through breathwork, specifically Circular and Cathartic Breathing. These bio-energetic breathworks can ‘clean’ the blockage that we carry in our system which most of the time are from repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, etc. If you want to go further with the release, we will be moving to de-armouring. De-armouring is a way of releasing blockages, stuck energy, emotions, and tension from the body – also known as armour. Through a combination of presence, intention, breath, sound, movement, and soft touch we invite the body to open up. Always respecting the body's boundaries and welcoming rejected and repressed parts of you to be expressed and integrated compassionately and lovingly. De-armouring opens up the energy flow and the connection between mind and body. This way, blockages and stuck trauma in the tissues of the body can be released. It often decreases or even removes pain. Clients often cry, laugh, scream, curse, vomit energetically, cough, and jump around, as these experiences leave their bodies. It includes: REIKI and SOUND HEALING CONNECTION with BODY and BREATH CIRCULAR and/or CATHARTIC BREATHING DE-ARMOURING PLEASE NOTE: All these techniques will help you to connect and release the emotional baggage you may carry around. They will speed up your healing and the connection with your true self. However, they need to be part of talking therapy. Short or long-term therapy helps the healing experience to be fully integrated into your day-to-day life. (see price in COUNSELLING). Also, the way how these techniques are ‘mixed and matched’ is fully intuitional, therefore some clients may need more sessions for some techniques or none for others. 90 minutes session- £85/100 euro

Contact Details

00447831443407/ 0034607193477

Ibiza, Spain

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